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I just can't envision how it's gonna be when I am married , awwwwn.....I have lots of beautiful dreams and aspirations for my future marriage , and I guess you do too , Lol ...stop smiling ..I know you do .

Every woman dreams and desires is to get married to the love of her life someday , we all want to be loved and taken care of , yes I love pampering too.....

Have come to realised that relationship or marriage is not all about having a handsome boyfriend or a pretty girlfriend besides you . It’s not about trying to make things perfect or work out because there are no perfect relationships and they can never be , that's why relationship/marriage is made up of too imperfect people who have made the decision to be together , learn from each other and love each .

Relationship/marriage is about finding someone who matches you and would accept the worst of you and will go through everything with you without giving up on you. Is about sacrifice, it's patient and perseverance that makes it works out. 
Don't fall in love if you are thinking it’s all about being physical or having someone to take to bed. Don’t fall in love if you think you will have a relationship status to talk about and get to date someone. 

If you think you want to fall in love or be in a relationship all because you see people all around, your close friends are in a relationship or are married . 
Don’t be like so many of people around you who are in a relationship but they actually don’t even know what love is all about or how to sacrifice for their partner .

The reasons why I took out  time to write the above is because I want to give you an insight on relationship and marriage before you go into one.

Note to my future hubby, is something I have at heart for a long time now , yes I mean it ... I hope future hubby gets to read this someday , this note here can also be applied to you reading this , hopefully someday you will fall in love with the love of your life , hope he gets to read it too .

Okay let's go there ....
Future hubby , you know I love you , yes I do very much mean the world to me and our unborn kids , we love you ...

Dear Future Hubby 

I am the love of your life 
I am the woman you promised to spend the rest of your life with
I am the woman whose gonna carry tour unborn kids 
I am the woman you promise to cherished and loved till eternity 

I am your beloved wife not just your woman
I am the bone of your bone not just your partner
The mother of our kids not your baby mama 

Please future hubby as we decide to build our beautiful home filled with Gods love,  consider that I love surfing the net always , watching zee world for fun and most importantly I love my career a lot and you will not kill my career
I'm not ready to quit my job or stop my career in order to be a house wife .

When I become your future wife please be ready because we are going  to devise means to help and support each other grow both in career , health and wealth . 
Support won't be a one man thing but a mutual efforts and understanding

Be ready to build , growl and nurture our love , be ready to support my weaknesses and imperfections , remember we are two imperfect people embarking on this journey of our love story through mutual understandings we will make it work out 

Please future hubby it will not always be what you want or what I want but it should always be what we want and not the other way round  

Please let the marriage be a game of Love and not lust 
Let it be a game of forgiveness and not holding  grudges
It's not going to be a platform for sex but , trust , honesty and total sincerity 

Let me be the woman you will live all the days of your life with 
Let me be the woman you will dine in her arms
Let me be the woman you can't live without 
Let me be the woman you will share every secretes with without hiding any 
Let me be the woman you will have all the beautiful things of life and moments with 
Let me be your life support and your strength 

Let me be that woman that will always stand out among other women 
Let me be that woman you will love 

Till Old Age Do Us Apart.

I want you to be the best hubby in the whole wide world 
I want you to be the man I can stand my ground for anytime , any day 

I want to have that spiritual filled hubby , that would lay hands on me and prophesy 
I want you to be the hubby that keeps pouring the oil when my oil seems to be drying off

I want you to be that fire branded hubby that can command even the headache to bow
I want you to be the hubby who is a lover of God 
A hubby who have personal relationship with God 
A hubby who brings I and the kids together every morning for devotion 

Till Old age do us part 
Future hubby , know that your future wife loves you more than you can ever imagine and our unborn kids would be very proud of you .

From your Dear Future Wife ....


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