Founded in 2020 , Inspired by Offy is an online publication that enhances the self esteem of many young persons , showcase lifestyle , fashion and styles , designs and relationship and as well as business tips for small business and large scale business owners  . 

It's deals with our everyday life and interest , creates content inspired and curated by my personal interests and daily activities to help someone out there.

This blog revolved around my daily lifestyles and relationship experiences which can equally be of good use and also help someone. 

I believe that creating this blog will help a lot of young persons , business owners overcome daily life struggles both personally and in business, will assist in taking the right decisions in life , work on becoming someone better and also to help them build a better relationship both with themselves , their spouse including business clients.

Lifestyle is one of the major event in our daily lives , so ride with me in my little journey of blogging , then watch out for the positive changes you so desired .

I LOVE YOU ALL !!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤